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RI042 Societal Transformationalist We will explore the methods used by societal transformationalist against our Constitutional Republic...the tactics and the reasons why they are successful as well as what needs to be done to thwart them.
RI044 on Ghost and Spirits On Episode 44 Michigan Bob and Infocyde discuss ghost, spirits, poltergeist, and things that go bump in the night from a Christian perspective.
RI045 The Arab Spring Are the so called Arab Spring movements organic movements created by frustrated people wishing to topple their oppressive regimes? Or is their something more nefarious at foot?
RI046 Weather Warfare Michigan Bob and Infocyde discuss weather modification / warfare: chemtrails, HAARP, cloud seeding, etc...
RI047 The Club of Rome Sorry for the poor audio quality. In this episode Infocyde and Michigan Bob talk about one of the command and control elitist groups, the Club of Rome as well as it’s child groups the Club of Madrid and the Club of Budapest.

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